Nazi Cop John Joseph Donnelly of Woburn, Massachusetts #BlazerAviatorsUTR

This thread was originally published to Twitter by @UnmaskUTR on Oct. 14, 2022.

Hello, Woburn police officer John Joseph Donnelly (33), aka #BlazerAviatorsUTR. Or should we call you Johnny O’Malley, neo-Nazi security for Richard Spencer at the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally?


Wondering why you’re all over the news? 🤔👋

John Donnelly

In his day job, John Donnelly works as a Police Officer for Woburn PD in Massachusetts. Who do you actually serve, and protect, John?

Content Warning: This thread contains racist and antisemitic statements and other objectionable language. We feel it is important to show examples of this person’s hateful ideology in his own words, rather than merely describing or characterizing it.

In his spare time, John Donnelly advised the alt-right and neo-Nazis, who knew he was a cop, on how to avoid getting doxxed. So how do we know “Johnny O’Malley” is John Joseph Donnelly of Woburn, MA?

We know “Johnny O’Malley” is John Joseph Donnelly because he didn’t follow his own advice! As a member of Richard Spencers’ security detail at the 2017 Charlottesville race riot, John inserted himself in to “an event”: A Nazi attack on an American town.

We had a face, but how do we get the real name? Bro, you stuck your face on a billboard, put your name on it, then posed in front of it with your dog!

(Photo: Instagram)


To make extra sure we had the right match, we searched our media library, and found even more photos & videos of you. We inspected your forehead, John. The scar matched:

John Donnelly changed his sunglasses on the second day of Charlottesville UTR, so we scanned his public websites for photos of him in his shades. Guess what? They matched.


Like everyone who attended “Unite the Right” (UTR), John was well aware of the true purpose of the rally: White Supremacism. When someone suggested Proud Boys attend, he rejected the idea because they’re “multi-racial”:

We constructed a timeline of John’s UTR participation; a brief summary follows. Leaked Discord chats from 6th June, 2017, confirm that the antisemitic Tiki Torch march was John Donnelly’s idea



On Friday 11th August, 2017, John Donnelly and a friend flew 500+ miles to Charlottesville. In Discord, John said the ticket cost $1488 – a numeric code used by Nazis. He also let slip that he was a member of Identity Evropa (IE):


Identity Evropa, an SPLC-designated hate group, recruited college-age students into white supremacism and neo-Nazism. John Donnelly was involved with IE. It disbanded in 2019 due to all the violence they caused and some high-profile member exposés.
On the evening of Friday 11th August, 2017, police officer John Donnelly participated in the Tiki Torch march he helped plan 3 months in advance. The extreme antisemitism and attacks on local residents made headline news.


The man holding his phone up in one of the photos above is #BraceletBandanaUTR, aka Jacob Scott Goodwin, a Traditionalist Worker Party neo-Nazi convicted of assault on a black man during the Charlottesville rally.
In the evening, Woburn PD officer John Donnelly attended an Identity Evropa party, and then got a Lyft to Azzmador’s “house” (likely an AirBNB; Azzmador is from Texas). Donnelly tried “red pilling” the Lyft driver with the “jq”, aka “Jewish Question”.

Robert Warren Ray, aka Azzmador, was a major figure in the neo-Nazi scene – until he went on the run to avoid arrest for his crimes in Charlottesville on August 12th, 2017. He’s lucky that no cops visited his abode that evening, huh?
As a cop, John Donnelly effectively has “Qualified Impunity” for his actions. In leaked Discord chats, he stated that alt-right and neo-Nazis have infiltrated anti-racist organizations.

Regarding “infiltrated” orgs, John Donnelly was, until ~6PM on 12 Oct 2022, the President of NY-based charity Irish Angel. It has extensive links to Law Enforcement, EMS, Firefighters, and Military. He’s obviously very influential.

John Joseph Donnelly is an overt racist, sexist, antisemite, and homophobe.

Content warning: Racism, sexism, antisemitism, homophobia (“Throw off a building” is a reference to ISIS throwing gay men off buildings in Syria)

Donnelly also posted toxic content on other social media platforms, under names such as “StarTheRotors” (reference to “death flights”) and “OMalley14_” (14 & 88 are common in Nazi usernames; eg. on Xbox he’s “DeliciousMilk88”). 
Content warning: Antisemitism, racism

Heather Heyer was murdered by a racist from the rally Officer John Donnelly helped organize. Donnelly volunteered himself as security for alt-right founders. Demand Woburn Police review his past cases.

Action item [UPDATE: SUCCESS]
John Donnelly’s realty business, The Donnelly Group, is a franchise of @CENTURY21. They have strict anti-discrimination policies which all franchises must uphold. Let them know one of their franchises is run by a racist neo-Nazi.

The white supremacists who attended Unite The Right remain a danger to their communities, especially when the state gives them a badge, gun, and a license to execute or imprison people. White supremacists operate at all levels of society, and we will not stop exposing them!


We do this to keep our communities safe from racists and thugs. #WeProtectUs. If you want to help us identify more nazis, give a follow and help spread the word. Oh, and John Donnelly, if you’re reading this… 😘 🤌